Iced Man

We used to lift the mossy rocks in othered woods
to find salamanders          sleeping away into another world
they tried to wriggle away             did it ghostily
scrolling alive on a salty palm     naked palm
they were everything        a lick of everything

There is an iced man sits in the winter creek
who looked like you          salamander man
breathing poorly

wyrm bodies       sometimes splashed with color
veins on a mask       virgin dark      living mask of earth
red veins                 a sleepy undressing of rocks
wet miniature dragons    stir through      soft soil colander
culled by child ghost              we wetly understand

home is everywhere       spitcolored creek is home
dirty spit       the color of tea       home
calm down     go slow        if you are lost
little wheel
you are still home        lift the human rock
look under us         underwet dark of skin

the dreams are gills         we are no different

Light still hurts us

We’re incandescent          in the underdark

what makes us glow

a deep relief of being inhuman


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