There Was

There was a bench in the cold but no person
There were clothes but no people it was very strange
There was a window in the nineteenth century with no one there
The photographer took a picture of the no one there      what did he mean

There were two statues kissing and they were all gone

They were all gone on each other like gooey statues

They are so abstract someone should probably put clothes-pins on their noses

There was a piazza with the shadows of many pigeons
But no actual pigeons       do I tire you with my faith?
No pronouns stepped forth to take up the story
Only the wind blew and that had to be enough

Then a tenement fell over into a museum     it was heaven

The Virgin was gasping in the museum     she started texting

Neither at 8:14 A.M. nor at 3:17 P.M. did the animals appear to unclog
The stars stopped being constellations they stuck their tongues out
The shark in the formaldehyde tank was still art     someone just checked
The ocean too drew closer and decided it too was art

Someone shut the door at the very last moment      laughing at a juggalo


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