A Stray

I like to look out the peekhole
in my front door
that I have made as for an Indian war
that I have crafted from hysteria
as if this were the House of the Seven Gables
I like to look out
to see you sleeping on the front porch of my life
inside the small box we made for you
On the baby blanket on the straw
Soon I will take you in from the cold
a cat
so old we can feel the bones of your spine
like an abacus thrown away
I am giddy with a rescue fantasy
just as every young lover
Come into my life and die
since you must           ninth life
I pick the prickles from your tail
I kill your parasites
Your human self
is kinder than the one who moved away
who left you on the street
You greet even strangers
with more civility
You are peaceful
even on the cold sole of earth
your paws fold under you
all the wings you took
fit inside you
innocent of
shadowed of
sleep of


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