Bear Letter

As I am a baited bear
no longer being baited,
none of the moral aphorisms
apply to me.

I will not extrapolate from my days
to your days,
which may be harder
or easier.

Who knows.

I seek berries.
I eat deer.

What do you do?

If I punch myself in the arm
with something that looks like self-satisfaction,
kindly note it is a paw.

I feel very fortunate to have retired from the fangs of dogs.

It is a good thing live here in a quiet forest.

I’d hate to find myself accidentally in your city
and have a mauled human
under my body

and then when the police arrived in fury and guns

have absolutely no way to explain myself

to your human satisfaction.

You will have to just shoot me.

Truth, it’s probably better than being captured

by someone like you.




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