Honey Belly

You know what to do
with your belly
never call it paunch
that’s not sexy
belly is
as in lifting belly
just smear it
with some honey
call yourself a bear
let the sticky gold
shine there
golden glow
you’re the honey bear
in the kitchen
people will feel
keen desire for
rubberiness of you
want to put their
honey flashlight
honey paws there
and wonder if
maybe you are
hella sexy
and just lost in translation
by some idiots
who don’t know jack squat
about honey

Behind, Before

I live in a place where the trains still come through.
Beyond the night, beyond daylight they go,
but carry few people anymore. We can be
virtually anywhere in virtuality in microseconds,
but the brute back of the world, its metals,
sugars and meats, cannot. We still need
iron, manganese, even a fund of chrome
for our bodies. These move in foods that move
the way they did centuries past, the way
those centuries moved. Heavy. Slow. Clank clank.
The future doesn’t brake for the past.
the grandiose thought. But if you listen carefully,
behind the trees, behind in general, you’ll realize the past
doesn’t brake¬†for the future either. Something’s always
coming on from each direction fast, and either force can kill you
if you’re not the sort to pay attention.