Trash Talk

that man who was screaming in the middle of the street

who shot all those people

the same guy who was shot dead

who’s flat on his back in the street now

wearing his last wifebeater

with his pit bull licking his blood

licking his brains from the asphalt

the man who shot everyone

who shot all his neighbors

did it because of a $700 trash bill

see, the township was going to start fining him

for each day he didn’t have trash service

(they all gang up on you like this, see)

for each day a fine and his trash

would no longer be picked up

but climb to the heavens in a pyramid

and they say that’s why

he did it

the thought of mountains of trash and fines

the word “why” for mass murder

is comfortably insane       believing itself

I’m just sayin

if you need a sturdy pit bull

I know a traumatized one

yeah, he has a confederate flag bandana around his neck

but hell, you can just remove that

that poor dog had no idea

he was a racist with a tail