Ain’t Nobody

I get on a subway
And there is nobody there for me
I  go to the zoo
The animals are all terribly self-absorbed
In their cages

The bar       same deal

I cordon off an empty bed
In the middle of a night
And there is no one

I could play a game of Twister with a mannequin

I pretended it is loneliness

I want a ticker tape parade for my loneliness


I look out a motel window
And there’s a blizzard
Doing savage things

To a parking lot

In the end the winter is funny
For how little it will give
A fuck or even less

If you are eighty
I bet it feels really good
To drop down into a sea

Of living cats

On a dirty mattress without sheets

To be nasty     an earth goddess

I bet it feels
Even better
Than an evil fur coat

Used to feel at twenty

Which is how a lover felt

It’s okay

“You, Sir, are a goddess to all these cats”

Grrrr is replaced with miauw