Future Nights

Bred nights to have night
ideas, night worlds.
I get only a fish glimpse
of my dreams. Some of them
are on treadmills, I think.
Tower debris, tower static,
this is how I wake up.
Every which reptile while
behind the time-lapsed traffic
there’s a flashing repetition
I might confuse with your name.
New self-replicating transits
appear right outside this window,
behind the Basquiat plant’s steam.
The State has these god-like captures,
satellite selfies give me screaming mimis.
Of course, I feel hella Neolithic
living here in all this space garbage.
Did you know red is fatal to birds,
why they fly into those radio and t.v.
towers blinking like Mars all night?
Go look at all the dead warblers
at their bases if you don’t believe me.
We’ve scrambled their magnetism up.
I know an artist who is making a cape
from these. A king of Easter Island.
Soon, moai will start appearing
all around your city. They’ll rise up
out of the earth into the night,
as cyber-bees that will be launched,
fly around the bodies of nightwalkers
to advertise with small beams
of white light. Face of Wm. Burroughs
will be on a candy bar that makes
all the faces melty cheese. Children will stay
in transit tubes at all times, going
from home to work or school.
The animal fringes are coloring
our future, the entire atmosphere
just an interplanetary pinwheel.

Behind, Before

I live in a place where the trains still come through.
Beyond the night, beyond daylight they go,
but carry few people anymore. We can be
virtually anywhere in virtuality in microseconds,
but the brute back of the world, its metals,
sugars and meats, cannot. We still need
iron, manganese, even a fund of chrome
for our bodies. These move in foods that move
the way they did centuries past, the way
those centuries moved. Heavy. Slow. Clank clank.
The future doesn’t brake for the past.
the grandiose thought. But if you listen carefully,
behind the trees, behind in general, you’ll realize the past
doesn’t brake for the future either. Something’s always
coming on from each direction fast, and either force can kill you
if you’re not the sort to pay attention.