Showy Leaf

A green leaf says to me
Through the shape of its being
Do not die
It is a critical comment
Of causal connectedness

It is a spear of karma

A green spear

It’s a spear of kindness

I nod its direction
Maybe I smile or compliment back
That green thing may be fishing
With inhuman light and form
As the photographers the painters the sculptors of earth

All the tireless, leafy ones

The sea of bodies in the sea

However, I need no earthly comment
I am a leaf myself

Green and sunning

Lost in the green sea carpetbombing the earth

And oh so modest

Still, I barely mind

A plant from which I am so ostentatiously apart

A leaf

A local explosion without a face


Here there is no accompaniment
A wheel has rusted a fist to the wind

I take down my stone name
and finally put it in a chalky drawer

Its trees are all on fire
but only at the very tops

Fire will not come down the ladder again

A fog rests on the empty lush field

The green feeling is of      a chance without a chancer