I Draw a Blank

Here I am explaining water,
here I am talking you blue.
Why, I might be making a photograph
with my words! Let me draw
you a picture. It is insane
to presume a wave
or blue, or wavelet
even. Let the concept
sting me like a wasp
until I feel its coronet,
of an eyelet
on a crown
it flits through.

Nothing Inc.

I have grown to unlike my previous dislikes so,
there are few (murderers, abusers, etc., excepted)
left who raise my hackles anymore. The stupidity
of youth and the stupidity of age almost
cancel each other out. So it was with me.
I’m patient in new directions, like any old fool.
People try as they can, work with what they have.
But I do hate those who wear disguises. Liars.
You cannot love what isn’t there. I resent
the time I spent talking to the air with them.
Truth may be next to nothing, true, but lies
are the genuine article.