Snake Roundelay

Limbless, toneless being
Who lives under a rock
No, it isn’t queer
To exist without year
No house with a lock
Nothing quite dear
Limbless, toneless being
Nor of good cheer
Mindless, not minding
Its wet forest drear
To slither and bear
Limbless, toneless being
Soul of wet sock


Spaceships arrive      so you get on them
Your Skype was mangled       by outer space

rays of a being

Things on fire fell into other things
on fire

That is science

You look at something beautiful    and feel scientific
You want to get into it

explore someone’s planetary rings

Even your eyelashes

want to feel those cosmic bursts       again

eyelashes          against alien toes

You think it sounds stupid

but science is important



After Philip K. Dick

I brought in an agency to study my agency.
I had to hire from outside, “off the street”
so to speak. I had to fill these chairs
with otherness. How can I trust these strangers
to represent the agency I think of as mine?
I worry about the foreign interest problem.
I wanted my business to run smoothly as the Cogito,
in a cool circle. What if I told you my business
is recycling my business, and that’s all we do here?
We never need to open or close the doors.
We never gain new employees or lose one to attrition.
We break down the formulas, furniture and other infrastructure
and produce new offices daily from that. Growth
is the least of our worries, since it’s entropy’s best friend.
Ever since we shut our doors forever, business is booming.

The Green Park

The space from zero to one is finite.
This is one unit. The space from zero to one
is infinite. There are these irrational intrusions,
something like thoughts, that go on forever.
The space from zero to one is no different
than any other space termed span.
The truth is that space is always opening like a hand.
We have only this conceit of span. If you look at a landscape
enough years, much longer than you possibly can,
you would see that green park elongating and rarefying
to a thing we’d sooner call a space than span.
Just think. All of that emptiness was already in it,
when you saw a child get on one of those swings
and pump her legs until she was nothing but joy
surrounded by stars and a funny darkness so loose
it could be anything or anyone at all.